Urgent Prescriptions

Requests for Urgent Prescriptions


All urgent requests for medication will need to be requested by completing a "Requesting an Urgent Prescription" form available at the surgery.

Please ensure this form is fully completed.

Once completed you will need to give the form to a member of the reception team.

Request received BY 1PM              The prescription will be ready for collection at the surgery after 5.30pm the following day.

Request received AFTER 1PM        The prescription will be ready for collection at the surgery after 5.30pm the day after tomorrow.

You will be issued with up to 7 days’ worth of medication only.

On collection of this urgent script you will need to complete the usual repeat medication request procedure in the usual manner, this will be processed in line with our protocol.  The practice protocol for repeat prescriptions is 2 CLEAR WORKING DAYS.

We will honour two urgent prescription requests; additional urgent medication requests will be issued in line with practice policy of allowing two clear working days.

EXCEPTIONS - (we will turn requests for these medication around within 24 hours)

  • Anti-coagulation medication
  • Insulin
  • Epilepsy Medication
  • Inhalers
  • Reducing courses of Steroids
  • Epipens


We are unable to process hospital medication changes until the official letter from the hospital has been received, clearly identifying the changes required.  This can take up to 7 days. 

If the changes or introduction of medication is deemed urgent by the hospital, the hospital must provide the medication through their own pharmacy.

The hospital is required to supply patients with medication following discharge from inpatient or day case care. Medication must be supplied by the hospital for a minimum of seven days. 

Issuing of Medication from the Hospital