Safer Trial

About the Project

Atrial fibrillation is a common irregular heartbeat which can increase someone’s risk of stroke 5-fold. Treatment with medication can reduce this risk. The researchers want to find out if screening for atrial fibrillation is feasible, will prevent strokes and is good value for money for the NHS.

 AF Screening  -  Not all patients will be offered screening for atrial fibrillation as part of the trial. This is determined by chance. This allows the trial to effectively compare screening to current practice. All patients are valuable to the trial. If a patient is offered atrial fibrillation screening the trial team will send further information about this. The patients can choose whether they would like to be screened or not based on that information. Screening is managed by the trial team. There will be no need to visit the practice as part of the screening.


Who will be able to take part?

We will identify a eligible patients following strict criteria, and send invitation letters.