Research at the Practice

Riverside Supports Training


At Riverside we actively support teaching.  From time to time we have student nurses in practice to support their learning.

You will be notified if a student nurse will be present in your consultation.  If you do not wish to have a student present, you will be given the opportunity to say so.  This in no way will affect your treatment.

            Use the links below to find out about the Research Studies currently recruiting at Riverside:

Thank you

We would like to thank all Patients that have been able to take part in any of the Research Studies.

For General enquiries regarding Research Studies please contact

Tina Goult, Nurse Manager at the Riverside Practice.

Psychological impact of Covis study - results dissemination

Once again many thanks for your participation on our study – Psychological impact of Covid – an international study


As we have now published some of the findings of this study and more papers are on their way, I wanted to touch base again with some personal  insights that I presented at our recent Global Health Conference. I would be grateful if this link could be disseminated through the usual comms channels so that everyone internally in your organisation and external participants in the public could see some of the results. I am grateful to every participant who helped with the study.