Research at the Practice

This GP Surgery is Research Active

All NHS organisations are expected to participate and support health and care research.  Conducting high quality clinical research helps us to keep improving NHS care by finding out which treatments work best.

You may be contacted from time to time about taking part in a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) study. If you are asked about taking part in NIHR research, someone in the care team looking after you will look at your health records to see whether you are eligible to take part before asking you whether you are interested or sending you a letter on behalf of the researcher.

You are free to choose whether or not to take part in any research study you are approached about.

For more details about how your information may be used in research please visit

For more information on the NIHR please visit

The Doctors, Nurses and Staff are keen to take part in Research Studies here at the Riverside Practice and are very well supported by the Clinical Research Network (CRN) Eastern team. Results from Research studies are aimed at improving patient care and making best use of precious NHS resources.

Research studies vary in the amount of time and input that is required from the volunteer. It is important to emphasise that volunteering for these research projects is extremely helpful; however participants are free to withdraw at any stage without any effect on their care. For more information please see the NIHR patients and public web page.

The CRN team help us to choose Research Studies which would best suit our practice population. All members of staff included in the process of Research Studies have undergone training in Good Clinical practice in relation to Research.

Research Studies Currently Recruiting

The Bisoprolol in COPD study (BICS)

A study of the beta-blocker bisoprolol in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

With colleagues in over 100 General Practices and Hospitals around the UK we are carrying out research into COPD.  COPD is the term now used instead of chronic bronchitis and/or emphysema.  We are interested in finding out if the flare ups (exacerbations) of COPD can be prevented by a drug called bisoprolol that has been used for many years to treat heart problems. We are hoping to recruit people with COPD at risk of exacerbation to take part in a one year study of bisoprolol that involves up to seven assessment visits lasting less than an hour each. The first five assessments take place over a month or so and during these assessments we make sure that we get the right dose of bisoprolol for you. Travel expenses will be paid.

If you have the condition COPD and are interested in taking part and would like more information please contact Tina Goult or Janette Neeld at the practice by phoning them on 01354 661922.


Join a COVID-19 clinical trial 

The PRINCIPLE trial aims to find treatments that reduce hospital admission and improve symptoms for people with COVID-19.  You could be eligible to join if;

You have had these symptoms for fewer than 15 days:

  •  a continuous new or worsening cough
  •  a high temperature
  •  You are aged 50 to 64 with a pre-existing illness
  •  You are aged 65 and above

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GLOW - this trial evaluates the clinical and cost-effectiveness of a tailored diabetes education and behavioural weight management programme versus diabetes education, in adults with overweight and obesity and a recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

Patients will be invited by letter but can also self-refer by contacting the study team – Freephone 0800 783 4611 or Email



Best3- Research study looking at how the practice currently treats patients with heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. BEST-3 STUDY OUTCOME

iQUIT- trial of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a tailored web and text message-based intervention for smoking cessation.

Allheart- to determine whether the addition of Allopurinol (for patients with Heart disease) improves cardiovascular outcomes, cost-effective and improves quality of life.

Eligible patients will be invited to attend.

ATTACK - This study will investigate whether the addition of 75mg aspirin once daily the risk of major vascular events in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who do not have pre-existing cardiovascular disease (CVD). Patients will be invited to take part and receive an information pack to help them decide.



Join Dementia Research - People with dementia, their carers, and anyone interested in research can sign up themselves or on behalf of someone else.


Call our helplines: Alzheimer Scotland (0808 808 3000), Alzheimer's Research UK (0300 111 5 111), Alzheimer's Society (0300 222 1122).


We would like to thank all Patients that have been able to take part in any of the Research Studies.

For General enquiries regarding Research Studies please contact

Tina Goult, Nurse Manager at the Riverside Practice.