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Why does the Receptionist need to ask what's wrong with me?

“We’ve known for decades that general practice was in trouble.”

See the new report from 7 October on this ever growing concern

BBC Newsnight

Responsibility for Prescribing Between Primary & Secondary/Tertiary Care

For patients interested in the Contractual obligation of hospitals providing medication – please click on the link below.


Did Not Attend Appointments

Missed Appointments for September totalled:
8 with GP's and ANCP's
123 with Nurses and HCA's
Out of the above 11 patients missed 2 appointments
and 1 patient missed a massive 3.
If you don't want it cancel it please!


Please if you don't want it - cancel it!

Out of area and need a pharmacy?

This link will help you find services in our area as well as when we are not local to March

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