New Medication Prescribed by Hospitals or Community Clinics

If after a consultation at the hospital, the consultant wishes you to start new medication,  and they deem it urgent they have duty of care to provide you with a minimum of 7 days medication.  The surgery have 7 days from receipt of their letter, not from when you were seen, to turn this request around. 

This is a policy put in place by the ICS, for full details please use the link below.

Responsibility for Prescribing Between Primary & Secondary/Tertiary Care

For all new medication the first script will be issued as a paper script.  Local Pharmacies collect regularly from the surgery.  Please contact us if you wish to collect the script direct from the surgery.

Please note if you are provided with a hospital prescription, this needs to be dispensed at the hospital Pharmacy.  We are unable to re-issue the script. We would have to wait for the offical hospital letter.

If you are seen privately, the timescales are the same.  We also have to check with Medicine Optimising Team to check the medication is available on the formulary.

We will always endeavour to turn requests around as quickly and safely as possible but sometimes this is not possible, for example when there are Bank Holidays and for this we apologise.