How to Order Your Medication

How To Order Your Repeat Medication.

Patients on long-term medication can order repeat prescriptions in a number of ways:

  • Online - follow the link at the top of Prescription's main page. First-time users will need to complete a simple registration.  This system also allows you to make custom requests and make appointments.  The NHS App is another way of requesting your medication - The following link will redirect you to the necessary page.  NHS App and your NHS account - NHS (
  • By hand - drop your computer printed repeat form into reception with the required items clearly marked.  If you do not have your repeat slip, please write your request clearly on a piece of paper.  The information we will require is your name, first line of address and items being requested.
  • By post 
  •  We are unable to accept requests for medication over the telephone - This is a safety measure implemented by the Partners.  This protects us as much as yourself.
Please allow 2 clear working days for your prescription to be processed.   ie; prescriptions left on a Monday will go the pharmacy of your choice by Thursday.  We have not say over how long the pharmacy will take to dispense your medication. 
Please help us by giving us enough time to deal with your prescription. If we do not get the required notice for your repeat prescription, we may not be able to issue it in time before your medication runs out.  If hand writing a request, please ensure we will be able to read it.