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Local Clinics for Covid Vaccinations 5yrs +

Chatteris Sunday 10th and St John's Hall March on Friday 15th July - see below posters for full details.

Chatteris Sunday 10 July


15 July March

Eligibility for Third Primary Dose of Covid-19 vaccine

NHS England and The CCG are responsible for organising Covid third primary doses and boosters.  Any letter or SMS you receive will have been generated by them.  We are aware that the situation and procedures are changing all the time, but please find attached copy of a letter currently being sent out along with some FAQ’s. 

Riverside is not currently part of the COVID-19 vaccination programme.  If you have any queries visit the website

3rd booster letter.docx

FAQ 3rd Vaccine.docx

Demonstrating COVID-19 status


Individuals in England who have had a full course of the COVID-19 vaccine can now get proof of their vaccination details and demonstrate their COVID-19 status for international travel using the NHS COVID Pass.

There are 3 options to demonstrate COVID-19 status: via the NHS App (if you have full access to the App and are registered at a GP surgery), through NHS.UK and by letter from the 119 telephone service.