Clinics We Offer

Asthma /COPD Clinic

The practice nurse runs an asthma clinic in conjunction with the doctors.

The aim is to ensure that patients have the most appropriate treatment for their asthma / COPD.

Cervical Smear Clinics

These are run by the practice nurses.

Please make an appointment for your smear and a health check when your smear is due for repeat.

Child Health

We follow the Department of Health Guidelines for vaccination of children.

Please attend your appointment when notified by child health. Please let the practice reception know if you will not be able to attend your appointment.

The six week baby check is done by your doctor. Please contact the reception to make an appointment.

Coronary Heart Disease Clinic

Patients who have coronary artery disease should see the nurse in her clinic for their recommended annual follow up. This involves having your blood pressure taken.

Please arrange your annual blood tests before the clinic if possible.

Diabetic Clinic

The practice nurse runs a diabetic clinic in association with the doctors.

The Diabetes Specialist Nurse also attends the practice- currently suspended due to pandemic

Family Planning

All the doctors provide advice on family planning. An appointment can be made with the practice nurse for contraceptive follow up when this is required.

Dr Jakka is trained to fit and remove the implanon contraceptive implants.  Our Nurse Janet is trained to insert and remove IUCD coils as part of March Coil Clinic.

Hypertension Clinic

Patients on treatment for hypertension can be seen for follow up by the nurse in one of the hypertension clinics.

Please arrange your annual blood tests before you see the nurse in the clinic.

Leg Ulcer Clinic

The Practice Nurses also runs a leg ulcer clinic in the practice.


Minor Ailments

A practice nurse is happy to see patients with minor ailments. If you have a problem, which you think is a minor ailment e.g. earache, sore throat, head lice, hay fever, insect bite etc please ask to be seen by a practice nurse.

Smoking Cessation

The practice provides a smoking cessation service via Healthy You

If you need help and support to stop smoking, please visit their website and one of the Health Advisor's will contact you.